By: Bradley Loves


What most people don’t know – only because they do not really know how it all really works – is that America has 3 separate constitutions, not just one constitution – and that it was set up this way from the very beginning.

See this new book by Anna Von Reitz!




A visit at Grandma’s house is a MUST READ for people living in America if you ever want to understand exactly how this Nation was set up originally from the beginning!  

Now, I’ll tell you why you need to read it, and read it fast!  

It is due to the fact that the “UNITED STATES” – which is a Municipal Corporation with its roots at the Vatican – is now in the final stages of Bankruptcy!  

This is one of the many reasons why Washington DC was intentionally vacated 2 months ago – (no it was not due to Corona Virus) – and had to stay vacated for 90 days!

On or around June 21st of 2020 – the Bankruptcy of the MUNICIPAL CORPORATION will be fully complete – and one part what you all know of as America – not all parts, but ONE of the three main parts of the American Government – THE MUNICIPAL PART – will cease to exist forever!

This means that all City Police – City Clerks – City Judges – and many other CITY and MUNICIPAL EMPLOYEES will probably be let go, get fired, or lose their jobs.

At that time – this part of America will be FREE once again from FOREIGN RULE!


However, thanks in large part to the evil doings of Barack INSANE Obama – who knew that this Bankruptcy was coming down the road over 4 years ago – just before he left office – signed all of the Municipal Parts of America over to the United Nations!

He did this in an attempt to do an END RUN around the Bankruptcy proceedings – and to saddle all living Americans with a new form of rule from the United Nations which was to take over the interests of the Vatican!

This was set up so that it would take place on the Municipal Level of Government (The City Level) – which is the first step toward the NEW WORLD ORDER!

The United Nations – and the U.N. are two very different organizations. They are not the same thing.  The U.N. is quite evil – and mostly populated with former NAZI’s left over from World World Two. The United Nations is the organization that controls the W.H.O. and many other philanthropic parts of the world body.

However – once again – repeat:  

These two organizations are not the same thing!

Just like evil twin sisters – they like to pretend to be each other – and they also like to pretend that they are the very same single organization – when they are not.

The U.N. – as we speak – is pushing very hard for a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT – NEW WORLD ORDER!   So even though the United Nations and the U.N. are not the same thing – behind the scenes – they do work together for the same goals!

So now everyone listen up – the Sh*t is about to hit the fan big time – and MOST OF YOU are not ready!


Just like Anna says above – I’m tired of taking and talking and talking, and having NO ONE LISTEN to me and NO ONE CARE.

The United Nations most likely already has thousands of troops here in America and are just waiting for June 21st to come to pass.  They most likely have thousands of vehicles already here in America as well with a plan to start patrolling the city streets starting in July!  

IF they do, they will CLAIM TO HAVE JURISDICTION here on American soil because Barack Obama gave it to them!

IF and when this happens – everything that the NEW WORLD ORDER wants to do – will be attempted to be done and very literally WILL BE FORCED UPON YOU AND YOUR FAMILIES!



The only thing that you can do – as Anna has been saying for several years now – is to give up your “UNITED STATES CITIZEN” political status – and instead come over to the land and the soil jurisdiction of America by instead claiming to be an:  


You now have 3 weeks left to get your paperwork DONE!


American State Nationals are not – and will never be under the jurisdiction of the United Nations – because they are claiming a completely different political status and thus they will  fall under a completely different set of laws!

What you may not be aware of – is that “secretly” over the last two or three years – over 30,000,000 people (30 million Americans) have switched their political status very quietly while no one was looking – just so that they would be prepared!  (The really awake 10 percent)

After June 21st – anyone that is still claiming to be a – United States Citizen – may be in for the fight of their lives as United Nation vehicles start moving around the streets claiming to be here to “keep the peace” and “ENFORCE” their jurisdiction over all – United States Citizens – as they were given this right by Barack Obama as a condition of the Bankruptcy. 

Those that are – United States Citizens – may end up living in a nightmare because the UN will be looking for those people specifically to rule over – and they will not be nice about it.

They may go so far as to try to ORDER you back into your homes and refuse to let you out!  They may also attempt to OCCUPY and TAKE OVER all City and Municipal Buildings and Municipal Properties here in America.

Honestly – I don’t know for sure what will actually happen!  All I do know – at least this is what I’m being told – is that the Bankruptcy is in it’s FINAL THREE WEEKS!

So don’t shoot the messenger!

Hey – “THEY” – were never going to tell you about this at all!  The Media was going to keep totally quiet about it, and simply allow the UN to take over!

They were just going to finish this bankruptcy – and then let all of this happen without warning a single soul about it.

For now – YOU MUST READ – a visit at Grandma’s house!  Also know that Donald Trump knows what is going on – and he is doing his very best to try to stand in the way of what is coming down the road – he can’t stop it – in order to protect as many people as he can from the fallout!

If you wish to “CORRECT” your political status – then please contact one of the State Assembly Coordinators here in America – who will be able to help you switch your status from a US CITIZEN – to an American State National.

See this public service announcement from Anna.


Here are some of the links you will need:

Firstly, you can reach Dennis Knill (Arizona State Co-ordinator) by e-mailing him here:


Or, you can use these:

Submit Questions to:

Visit the website at:

To Correct Your Political Status visit here: and

To find your State Coordinator, visit here:





Just a heads up here people:  I WAS ON THE ZOOM CONFERENCE CALL that she is talking about – and there is much to talk about!  I will write about that in the next post. – Bradley


By: Anna Von Reitz


Last night on my weekly Zoom Conference I had the temerity to suggest (against all the collective “wisdom” of the Mainstream News) that President Trump is doing his job. I suppose I could have belabored the point a bit and gone into details for all the liberal cat-callers in the back row, but I had a lot of other material to cover and let it slide until this morning, when, lo and behold — look at what landed in my box?

The Laundry List of what DJT did for you and me and the world this past week —just in case you are one of the countless people who need to know and will never hear it from the Idiot Box:

1. Made vaccines voluntary not mandatory. Military will check purity and distribute vaccines. [This means that Federal citizens will not be forced to take vaccines. Americans were never under any such obligation.]

2. Defunded the World Health Organization and is stumping for an investigation into its operations.

3. Knocked out the Democrat’s HR 6666 bill, known as the Covid-19 TRACE Act — Bill Gate’s diagnosis and tracking (surveillance) project.

4. Cancelled another Gate’s project — ID2020, which would have earmarked people like cattle. 5. Opened a complaint forum to report censorship on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

6. Stopped the 5G rollout nationwide.

7. Issued the Executive Order to reopen the states — Governors who refuse will be sued.

8. Another Executive Order to take control of the Electrical Grids, which will indirectly put an end to the misuse of the public air waves by private electronic surveillance groups — like the out-of-control grid that unknown parties have been establishing to fill our skies with 78,000 mini satellites.

9. Declared places of worship “Essential Services” and ended all that petty anti-religious nonsense.

10. Applauded efforts by Australia and 116 other countries to find out what actually happened in Wuhan and how the illness there spread to Italy and around the world so rapidly, yet never reached Beijing– and other inexplicable anomalies.

Now, if you have done as much for your country and its people and for people worldwide this past week you can afford to throw stones. If not, sit down, shut up, and listen: Donald Trump is doing his job. Are you doing yours?

This morning I got an “Anna Hate Letter” too, disparaging me for “failing” to report a particular United Nations website that is promoting their New Green Deal Agenda, and insinuating that I was a Catholic and all in with that.

I have been reporting about the Vatican rats and their intention to move their storefront from the Roman Catholic Church to the United Nations for two decades, and no, I am not Catholic, but even if I were, I wouldn’t be responsible for what these men are doing.

It’s apparent that there are a lot of people out there opening their big mouths with no research or thought involved– adults acting like children in need of a good spanking. Well, here it is:

I have told you all what is going on and what to expect. I have told you HOW the vermin among us operate, and I have been proven right too many times to mention or count. So learn the lesson and don’t blame the teacher.

These people deliberately pretend to be what they are not. They pretend to be Catholic, do a lot of nasty things, and then leave the Catholics to take the blame. They do the same thing with Muslims, Jews, Russians — any group they target.

These people also act like parasites. When they have eaten a victim out of house and home, they move on and find new victims, just like a parasite leaves its hosts behind.

So, no surprise that a lot of nasty closet Communists worked their way into the Church and attempted to confuse Christian Communality (which is voluntary) with Communism (which isn’t).

No surprise that these same unsavory elements engineered the death of twelve conservative cardinals who would have out-voted them in conclave.

No surprise that after using the Roman Catholic Church as a storefront for money laundering and other criminal activity for hundreds of years, the parasites are moving their digs and leaving the Church to take the blame.

That’s right. Their entire intention is to run things from the United Nations the same way they ran things behind the “storefront” of the Church, and at the same time, turn around and persecute and blame the Church.

That, and finding new excuses to tax and milk and bilk and indebt and burden the people of the world while enriching themselves, is their entire, obvious, plain-as-glass agenda.

We don’t have to monitor “UN” websites to know that.

We can sit in a kitchen chair in Big Lake, Alaska, and know that.

I told the person who sent me that hate letter the facts and then I told them to shove it up their xss. That’s the same message I have for all those who think that Donald Trump and I didn’t do enough for them this past week.

We are not your saviors. Someone else tried to do that for you, a long time ago.

No, at most DJT and I are “concerned Americans” fighting for our country in a battle that most of you are too lazy, prejudiced, and self-absorbed to even think about. I know this.

I have proof against 90% of my fellow Americans who have taken everything for granted and never checked a single voting record, never read a single bill passed by Congress, never thought beyond whether to have Fruit Loops or Bran Flakes for breakfast.

Oh, you all like to sit around warming the bench and talk big. You all have opinions — uninformed opinions — borrowed from “news” commentators who are usually more naive, self-absorbed, and clueless than High School Cheerleaders.

You all have your idea of how the American Government is structured leftover from your half-asleep time in Eighth Grade US History Class. Sure, you are REAL EXPERTS in all of this stuff, aren’t you?

Medicine. Science. Law. You spent your time studying and researching it all? Did you?

Well, I did. You bet I did. On top of raising a family and holding a job and supporting them and myself the whole time, so I don’t have a lot of respect for those of you who have spent your lives licking boots and whining and sucking on the Public Teat and making excuses for yourselves and for your political leaders who somehow never deliver anything they promise even when they have control of the Presidency, the House, and the Senate for decades at a time. No, all they deliver is more misery and debt and servitude. And you all eat it up like sugar candy.

What was it that the General relieving Bastogne said— “Nuts.” ?

Go home. Stay home. “Shelter in place” like hunted animals. Cower in the face of a threat that can’t even be shown to exist because of the corruption of the privately owned and operated “Centers for Disease Control”. Plan to starve and die by the millions because you are too stupid to live, too spineless to stand up, and too brain-dead to tell friend from foe.

Let the nice monsters in suits tell you what brand of toilet paper to buy, until there is none to buy. Let them ear tag you like animals and then complain about where did your freedoms go?

Let these criminals bilk you and tax you and bilk you some more until you lose your homes and your communities all look like inner city Detroit.

Go ahead. You can do it. Hell, you have done it up until now.

Just look at Nancy Pelosi’s “home” district in California for a preview of what is coming to your town next. Overflowing dumpsters, human feces on the sidewalks, homeless people wandering around with blank, Zombie-like looks on their faces. That’s you. That’s your kids in a few years.

That’s the results that all the Washington Insiders produce and deliver.
And it’s all right in front of your faces.
For once and all time, people, realize that there is nobody but you who can change all of this. Realize that what you do now — right now — decides the future.

And stop criticizing Donald Trump and me and everyone else out here breaking our backs and our bank accounts to try to save you from yourselves. Turn that looking glass around and get a good look at the real problem.



By: Bradley Loves


[THE FUTURE PROVES THE PAST – Every single article that I’ve ever written is important.  In the FUTURE – LOVE TRUTH BLOG will be studied at every University on Earth!  Students of TRUTH will wonder why so FEW human beings read what is OBVIOUS to them, when those that were living right during the time this was ALL happening ignored this BLOG!]




I have said this before, but it needs repeating.  English was specifically designed to be the Language of the NEW WORLD ORDER.

It was meant to be the language of the One World Government, the One World Religion, and the One World Army!  Those “Fallen Angels” or Demon “gods” (small “g”) who originally messed with our DNA (a long time ago) disconnected the entire human species from their higher awareness/consciousness.

Therefore…, our entire species, which normally at one time used telepathy for all communications, where then stuck with using only words to communicate with.



It was designed this way because “words” are really only symbols…, and can be given multiple meanings and multiple ideas that go along with them.  This is a huge problem, because in ancient science each sound creates only ONE SINGLE SHAPE.

I have also said that “TRUTH” is always single – not many.  What I mean by this can be seen very readily in the example written above.  Each sound creates a single shape – not many shapes!  

One shape per sound!

In the English Language, words can be “interpreted” in dozens of ways which basically renders the entire process of trying to find out what some symbol or “phase” means with clarity – almost impossible.



You make it impossible for the species you are conquering or enslaving to communicate with each other effectively! You also make it impossible to really “know” what the rules are within the system you give them to live by…, who is making those rules, and what they really mean.

So…, let’s once again revisit what a WORD really is!

A word, is actually a whirr’d…, because it can be spun like a top.


To whirr…, is to spin round and round and round, and anything that spins for a significant period of time has been “whirr’d”.

You see…, word and whirr’d sound exactly the same to your ears don’t they?

If you hear them spoken out loud…, you will not know which “spelling”  is actually being used, and are thusly confused!

Since you do not know which “spelling” for any particular word that you “hear” has been used…, you may then not know the actual meaning of the word/whirr’d that you have heard…, and thus you are now UNDER A “SPELL”.

The “spell” that you are under…, is the “spell” that was cast the very moment you heard the word/whirr’d in your ears…, but due to multiple meanings – were UNCLEAR as to the meaning that it had.



Because you can only really go on what you have physically heard…, then you are now part of the HERD.

The “herd” is the dumbed down portion of humanity which has been genetically altered by FALLEN ANGELS and DEMONS who are posing as “gods”.

They “gave us” language…, and at this time in history “they” are giving us the FINAL version of language which is the ENGLISH LANGUAGE…., the language of TOTAL ENSLAVEMENT.

This language was created to mock us in every way possible.


To those who gave us language to use – we are nothing better than CATTLE…, and so were are simply called: THE HERD

Those elites…, who watch over the “herd” are the cattle herders…, or very literally are the COW-HERDS.

They are cow-herds..., because they are the biggest cowards.


As you can see, the “enslavers” even MOCK their own minions!


A coward is someone who has no courage!

Courage is really:  COUP-RAGE.

Those living people who have plenty of “rage” over being treated like mere cattle are very likely to start or stage some kind of “coup”!

So they are said to have coup-rage.

  • Those who have plenty of “coup-rage”…, could never be trusted to watch over the herd for the enslavers!

Therefore only those who do not have “coup-rage”…, (courage) are allowed to watch over the human herd.   Those without “coup-rage”…, and are able to watch over the human herd are thus called: Cow-herds…, (cowards).

It is EASY to see who the “cow-herds” living on Earth really are:

THEY are anyone within the Police, the Government, and the Military who are willing to work for and with the LUCIFERIAN/SATANISTS!


Police comes from the world “Policy”.

Government comes from “Govern” which means to control or steer – and “ment” or “mentis” which means MIND.

NOW, after reading and hearing all of this:

  • Are you starting to “see” what I am telling you?
  • Is it now becoming clear to you that words are really whirr’ds because they are spun?
  • And where pray tell do they tell us that we live?

We are told that the thing we live on is called a world, which sounds very much like:  Whirr’ld

We are told that the world is a giant ball in the sky, and that it spins like a top!

It spins just like a toy that has been “whirrl’d” so that it can turn continuously…, and so therefore it is called a “world”.

And, so we are taught that we live on a world…, but is it really a world, or a “whirl’d”?

What is it really if we do NOT know clearly the definition of the word/whirr’d that we use to describe it??

Who actually gave us these words again?    And who really sorts out which words mean what, and who can use them and where??

It is the “courts”.

But many things can be done in or on a court!

A court can be an open area surrounded by buildings.., or it can be an enclosed building with a glass ceiling.

It can be a place were “games” are played…, or it can be some place where legal issues are heard.

But which “court” are you in?

If you go to “court”…, do you know which “court” you are in??

Well…, that court changes the very moment you tell them your NAME!

You see…, the “court” is many things depending on WHO YOU ARE!

So the question really is this:



This is the very first question you are asked when you enter a “court”.

The answer that you give, will determine which “court” you are standing in.

If they ask you if you are JOHN DOE…, which sounds an awful lot like:  John doe, then you are in deep trouble because YOU DID NOT ASK which “john doe” they were refering to.

  • Pardon me please.., but is it JOHN DOE (All caps) …, or is it…,  john doe (lower case) that you want?

Here is a “Maxim of Law” (something you’ve probably never heard of…, because you are part of the herd)


  1.  Things that appear or seem the same…, ARE NOT THE SAME.

Have you ever heard this before?

Well every single “judge” who sits on the “bench” goes by this MAXIM OF LAW…, every single day of their lives.  They KNOW IT.., because they are one of the Cow-herds!  And so they are told that this maxim exists.  They know…, but YOU do not know.

JOHN DOE…., john doe….

Things that appear to be, and seem to be the same…, are NOT THE SAME!

(Maxim of Law)

Depending upon the “SPELLING” (that ol’ magic spell-ing) is what will magically changes one “court” into another kind of “court” in the blink of an eye.

Why…, because only the “eye” can really see.   And you are the “I”.



What pray tell do you call yourself?     

You call yourself “I”…, so if you say “I” when referring  to yourself…, then that must mean that you can see…, because only an eye/I.., can see!

But those who can NOT SEE…, must not have the eye/I…, and thus they are blind!

They are not “eye’s/I’s” at all…, but instead they become “things” in the definition of the court – which can NOT see…, and so need to be cared for.

Any human being who needs to be “cared for” quickly becomes part of the HUMAN HERD.  

  • They become livestock or a head of cattle!
  • They are a thing because they have no I/eye with which to see.

They are befuddled by the whirr’ds around them…, and do not KNOW what these whirrd’s mean.  This is how their enslavement starts!

And because they do not know what these words mean – they become “lost at sea/lost at see”!

They are LOST AT SEA…, because they are LOST AT SEE


By not understanding the meanings of words – they can not truly SEE ANYTHING…, because they have no eye/I with which to SEE.

Once you become LOST AT SEA…, then you must be taken care of by THE LAW OF THE SEA!

The LAW OF THE SEA is the LAW OF THE SEE…, or the LAW OF THE HOLY SEE…, which is the Vatican.

  • The Vatican is engaged in the business (for profit) of Salvage!
  • They salvage anything that is LOST AT SEA…, and claim it as their own property.
  • Once they claim it as their own property…, that “thing” that can not see…, has been given SALVATION.

Or has it simply been Salvaged?

  • They do this on paper…, and through the “courts”.
  • It happens by MAGIC.
  • It happens in the “wink of an eye”…, in only seconds…, when you come to the “court”.

Depending upon what you say “in the court”…, will determine “which court” magically appears in front of you.

It will either be a building with a glass ceiling that you can look through…, OR…, it will become a place where LEGAL definations are applied.

So…, are you JOHN DOE..., or are you:   john doe?

It’s all about whirr’ds you are forced – YES FORCED to use – and how they are SPUN.

And now you know that you can NEVER, EVER trust words…, because every single one of them has a “spelling” attached to it…, and if you do not know the clear meaning of the whirr’d…, you can never understand it.

As one foul wizard once said…












By: Bradley Loves


This video is a MUST SEE VIDEO

I got this video sent to me by one of my readers!   And all I can say is that this woman is on the right track!   She understands the ancient science of REALITY CREATION!

I have written about this many, many times.  

I’ve told everyone that not only can it be done, but that at one time in Earth’s History – it was always being done every single day!

May GOD richly bless this woman who holds knowledge and wisdom that has the power to change EVERYTHING!

Stop listening to the New Agers and listen to her!  She has it right!

If you don’t understand it the way I’ve explained it – maybe you’ll have better luck here!  After watching this – read:   THE TRIUMPHANT


At the end of this video, she asks that those who know how to speak HEBREW start to learn how to do this!


There is a very, very good reason for this!  I’ve also written about this many, many times – (even though few people actually get it)

As far as I know – there are only TWO languages left in the world where the spoken word actually EQUALS the geometric shape that is made when the sound of the word is pronounced!

One is the ancient language of Sanskrit, and the other is HEBREW!

As I’ve written many times – our languages were GIVEN TO US by our enslavers!   But they changed the words around so that the geometric patterns that were made when we spoke these words DID NOT EQUAL what the intent of the word was!

Thus if we speak any other language but Sanskrit or Hebrew and say the word for PEACE – we are not creating peace on a sub atomic level, but instead we are creating War.

In the ancient world – every single word we spoke – THE SOUNDS THAT WE MADE – created geometry on a sub atomic level that supported what we wanted and intended!


Time to grow up people – THEY gave us our words – but THEY changed the meanings of the words to ENSLAVE US!



By: Bradley Loves


Too much of a “Co-incidence” seems to be happening in Government around our country and especially as concerns the Draconian attempts to SHUT DOWN ALL CHURCH SERVICES and WORSHIP SERVICES in America indefinitely!

It seems that almost every single mini-dictator that is in the process of attempting get RID OF RELIGION is either openly “gay” or is openly “supportive” of the gay and trans-gender agenda!


What appears to be happening here is that the Democratic Party has come to conclude that Donald Trump’s biggest supporters are EVANGELICALS – and so ANYONE who goes to church is now considered to be a legitimate POLITICAL TARGET for the Democratic HIT SQUADS all over America who have still not learned their lesson from the last election!




This has NOTHING at all to do with “essential” or “non-essential” anything!  

Instead it has EVERYTHING to do with the furthering of the Democratic Party’s on going Agenda of world wide transformation – aka – THE DEEP STATE/LUCIFERIAN/GLOBALIST – NEW WORLD ORDER.

As it turns out “GAYS” and “TRANS-GENDERS” – (as well as Pedophiles) – are the biggest supporters of the Democratic Party – and of the New World Order Agenda because it gives them a huge number of seats at the decision table – while it EXCLUDES anyone and everyone who follows a more traditional life of MORALS, ETHICS, and FAITH IN GOD.

What really bothers me here is that a large number of gays who actually care about religion or spirituality are TOO COWARDLY to come out and to say something to their own peer group!

Sadly – what appears to be happening here is that this “political fight of 2020” – is boiling down to a fight between straight men and women who believe in ethics, morals, and LOVE GOD – and Gay and Lesbian men and women who don’t give a damn about ethics, morals, or GOD – because for the most part they are ATHEISTS!




You know, here’s the interesting thing.  

If I were a gay man, or a lesbian woman – I would certainly have to ask myself WHY so many Gays and Lesbians were going ALL IN for the NEW WORLD ORDER OF LUCIFER.

The percentage has got to be exceedingly disproportionate if you look at it with a critical eye and a non-biased open mind.

Why are so many GAYS and LESBIANS world-wide jumping onto the New World Order band-wagon – and working so very hard to fulfill a transformation over to a world with NO RULES and a DO WHAT THOU WILT attitude?


Could the answer to that question be that the NEW WORLD ORDER (OF LUCIFER) really is a Satanic leaning agenda and that Lucifer (or Satan) considers people who are:  gay, lesbian, trans-gender, ped0philic, to be highly useable and very corruptible in the long run?

Does Satan or Lucifer consider these types of men and women to be EASY PREY – due to their unique sexual preferences – and therefore is willing to CATER TO THEM?


Does it bode well for our society if the NEW WORLD ORDER OF LUCIFER coddles and indulges all men and women who are willing to be gay, lesbian, trans-gender, bi-sexual, or a pedophile – while at the same time beating down and destroying any man or woman who does not take up these preferences – and choses to remain a man or woman of FAITH IN GOD ??


And the final question is WHY – am I the only one who seems to be able to see this happening in real time?   Why has no one else called attention to it??

All my love….





By: Bradley Loves


Welcome to the world that “happened” around you while you were too busy to pay attention!  


This article could also be called:  


Whatever we call this post – the message is still the same.  

Verifiably “insane” people are now in positions of great power – and they are running roughshod over all of the rest of us like mini dictators – after having been put there by people who were not paying enough attention – and who gullibly believed everything that they were being told by THE NEWS MEDIA!

One thing that is crystal clear to me is that those who were doing the “voting”  – and thus were putting these insane people into power – did not read my very first article called:     THE GREAT CON OF MAN

Of course it is not just people in the political realm who are doing great harm to our world, but people in Social Media and Business Finances as well.



While you and countless others weren’t paying attention – things got REALLY EVIL here on the Earth!

Now, in your defense, I am going to throw you a bone here and place the BLAME squarely where it belongs.   It belongs on the shoulders of the lying MAIN STREAM MEDIA – which in my opinion – is now operating in the same fashion as a terrorist organization!

The reason that they operate as a terrorist organization – is that they literally REFUSE to tell people the TRUTH any more!

The Media has been overrun by the CIA and the DEEP STATE!


By refusing to print actual news stories or to report the TRUTH as it happens – the entire media world wide is operating in such a way as to cause GREAT HARM and is therefore doing EXTENSIVE DAMAGE to the living people who populate this planet and thus they can easily be classified as ROGUE TERRORISTS!



Donald Trump is correct about many things, and one of those many things is that the media really is the ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE!

If it was not the enemy of the people – then all of these insane nitwits could never have gotten elected to political office!  And 90 percent of the really bad things happening here on Earth would have been exposed!

Now, I’m not saying that the Republicans have not done their share of really bad stuff in the past as well, but here is what you don’t really understand – and so you are not looking at!  

The Deep State works with BOTH political parties – and they switch sides often!

And right now, they are most fully manifested inside of the Democrat Party and are using it to attempt to destroy America and to roll the entire country into a Luciferian ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT!


The Deep State is far smarter than you.  They switch sides often and in doing so – they keep you off balance and keep you from catching up with them.  They do some bad things with one political party – and then when you fully hate that political party – they move MOST of their people to the other side of the fence and start using the other side to do most of their damage!

The only way that you can keep up with them is to be fully awake and to be constantly vigilant!  

Yes my friends – WE actually have to work at this – WE do have to participate – WE have to observe what is going on out there around us and keep watch!


There is no other way to do this!

We have to PAY ATTENTION to every single thing happening around us, and can’t let down our guard!  

Now, does this sound like way too much work to you?  

Well, who said life here was going to be easy?  And if you don’t want to spend the time that it takes to have a very nice planet that runs smoothly and works well – then you will LOSE the planet, and you will LOSE your freedoms as well!



People have asked me many times why I am willing to cut Donald Trump so much slack and my response to that question is that I am simply able to put myself into his shoes!

  • Just think for a moment that one of your very best friends was John F. Kennedy Jr!  
  • Imagine that over the course of many years – you and he talked about what you’d do to expose his fathers killers if you only had the chance to do so!
  • Imagine that you even made a promise to TAKE DOWN the Deep State to JFK Jr. – if you were ever in a position of power to do so!  


Now imagine that you are Donald Trump and you have suddenly become the President!

But now that this has happened, you realize that the Deep State has killed several other Presidents already – and they have also killed countless other lower politicians over the last 150 years!

You also realize upon further inspection that they are willing to literally kill an entire plane full of people – just to get one or two targets who may be riding on that plane out of the way!

MH 370

Now that you are President – you also see that they are willing to break every single law – every single legal code – and every political norm that exists just to take you down and remove you from the Presidency!  


Your mind is boggled as you start doing really good things for the country and for the economy – but they continue to crucify you in the media and in the square of public opinion for 3 full years – and as brutal as they are – they still can not beat you!

Then you look on in horror as you find that “THEY” – these human monsters that are hiding like cowards behind the Deep State – are literally willing to release a WORLD WIDE PANDEMIC – and thus force billions of people from all over the world to stay at home – cause massive world wide unemployment – cause loss of business revenues and many actual deaths – all just to take down just ONE SINGLE TARGET who might expose them!

This is the equivalent of dropping an Atomic Bomb on an entire city – just to kill a single guy in that city that they don’t like!


You may think I’m joking here but don’t kid yourselves – this is the standard operating procedure for these sickos!  

There is ample evidence that has come out in recent years that shows us that the TITANIC was actually sunk intentionally!  

It was sunk just to kill a handful of very wealthy businessmen – all of whom had been given complementary tickets for the journey – and all of whom were standing in the way of the formation of the FEDERAL RESERVE BANK HERE IN AMERICA.

The TITANIC was sunk in 1912 – and the Federal Reserve was founded and formed in 1913!  Just one year after those who were standing in the way had been killed!   Come on people – do the MATH!


In other words – the GLOBAL DEEP STATE was willing to kill 1,500 people out of 2200 – just to take out 4 or 5 very powerful businessmen standing in the way of their goals!  

Get this through your heads people!  These people are MONSTERS and deserve to be HUNG!

What I am trying to point out to you here – but no one wants to admit it – is that the MEDIA is working for these people and very literally and in real time HELPING THEM to achieve their dark goals.

They are totally complicit – and therefore they are OUR ENEMIES!

The MEDIA is intentionally helping verifiable human monsters – sick Luciferian killers who should be in front of firing squads!  And, instead of getting angry about it – MOST PEOPLE – just look the other way and put their heads down and say NOTHING!

Now, here is the bottom line people – and it’s not pleasant for me to have to point out to you!




There is no one in the entire Cosmos that is going to lift a single finger or waste a single life of their own people in coming here to SAVE US – if we can’t get up off of the couch and find it within ourselves to CARE about our own planet and to CARE about our fellowman!

There are no “advanced” ET’s or Extra-Terrestrials from anywhere in this entire GALAXY who have even the slightest interest in SAVING US – if we can not at least put up the tiniest amount of effort to SAVE OURSELVES FIRST!

And yes, NEW AGERS – this means that you have to be willing to put up a FIGHT!

Almost without fail – this is the single PREREQUISITE that every advanced race demands BEFORE they will offer an enslaved planet any real help!



Like little children, most of us are so used to having everything done FOR US – that we have forgotten that LIFE is all about what we can do for OURSELVES and for our FELLOWMAN.

We have all become insidious PACIFISTS who believe that the proper way to FIGHT pure evil is to just ignore it completely – and to look the other way when it happens so that it does not adversely affect our lives by calling attention to it!

All this achieves is a very deep intrenchment of PURE EVIL – and assures that just like a virus – it will grow and spread to every single corner of the Earth!



But you don’t have to pick a fist fight to fight back!   All you have to do is find the COURAGE to stand up against tyrants and to REFUSE TO CONSENT to their stupid demands!

You simply do not give in to them – and instead JUST SAY NO!


Guess what – you should listen to him!

If we all work together – less and less crazy people will be put into the halls of power – and our planet may indeed be able to be FREED!

Something to at least think about I would say.