By: Bradley Loves (with a little help from Mark Passio)


Mark Passio has hit the nail on the head when he describes modern day slavery, and those who are it’s cheerleaders.

Most men and women really have NO IDEA what FREEDOM is…, and sadly, they have no idea what SLAVERY IS EITHER.

Just because you do not have a ball and chain on your leg…, that means you are FREE (according to many)…, this is the dumbest thing one could think.

There are MANY levels of slavery…, and in the United States…, most human beings have “willingly” become SLAVES.

White, Black, Latino, Asian…, ALL SLAVES!

In this video…, Mark tells us how and why…

For the “complete” breakdown on this…., start watching this video at 1 hour and 22 minutes!

Mark spends a ton of time BEFORE this point in the video talking about the right and left hemisphere’s off the human brain…, and how they get out of BALANCE!

(We will deal with that later)

At 1:22:00 he starts telling us the RESULT of that imbalance!

I can’t recommend this portion of the video enough.., because it is so perfectly informative!

Mark does go into a “tiny” rant about the origin of the word Government…, but once done, really gets into good stuff…, so just keep going.  (Actually.., I’m so used to Mark’s rants…, I tend to chuckle about them).

Mark next talks about “AUTHORITY” and “Jurisdiction”…, and whether or NOT…, it’s even possible for “man” to create LAW!

He therefore calls “government” what is really is…, and always has been…, A RELIGION!   He does so because it only works…., if you BELIEVE IN IT!

Like “faith in God”…, is a mental belief that supports religion…, “faith in government” is the mental belief that supports government.  But the common factor is FAITH and BELIEF…, which places government squarely into the category of RELIGION.

And because human beings have always felt that GOD was the ultimate AUTHORITY…, or “AUTHOR” of all things…, government has simply hi-jacked that notion…, and “taken over” that role in people’s MINDS.

(Becuase RELIGION is based in “authority”…, so then “government” is now based in “authority”…, and therefore you can not argue with it, because to argue with government would be like arguing with GOD!)

In real terms.., it is quite impossible for “man” to usurp the “power” of GOD!  Or to take over his AUTHORITY…, but man is both clueless and deluded when it comes to such things.


Mark talks about how the SATANISTS have put forth the notion that “man is GOD”…, and so…., MAN can make the rules up with the same “AUTHORITY” that God can.

This is exactly where Luciferianism and Satanism start in earnest!   MAN…, is NOT GOD!  And therefore man can NOT make up his own rules!

Gods “rules”…, as Mark states are: Natural Law or the Laws of Nature.

They can not be changed, and we as humans must live in harmony with these God made laws if we are to survive!  WE can not argue with them…, nor can we take them over, or CHANGE them to suit our desires!

What Mark calls Natural Law…., I call COSMIC LAW…, which is the same thing.  Mark is talking in very local terms when he says laws of “nature”…, but these laws are COSMIC because they are the same all over the Universe.

I will soon be doing MORE installments of HOW DEEP DOES THE RABBIT HOLE GO (with slides) to show you how man can NEVER claim to be GOD!

Any yet…, THAT IDEA is being shoved on us now from every direction!

All of these “ideas” that man is GOD…., has been given to us as a SATANIC DECEPTION.

This started with the New Age (Freemasons and Jesuits)…, but has now infiltrated into most main stream Christian Religions as well.

We can be “of GOD”…, which means “from GOD”…, but we are NOT GOD…., and therefore we do NOT have the “right” to make up our OWN LAWS and RULES.

We do NOT have the “Authority” to do that!  Nor do we have the “Authority” to force others to obey laws that “we”make up!  (This is the beginning of SLAVERY)

We DO however…, have to “obey” GOD’S LAW…, which is MORAL LAW, NATURAL LAW…, and COSMIC LAW!   We can NOT choose to disobey these without huge consequence!

Those consequences are: SLAVERY

Mark talks about this up to about the 2 hour point!  Now…, after listening to this portion of the video…, go BACK to the last article I posted.., and SEE IF YOU CAN ARGUE that this is where we are??

READ ABOUT THE TYRANNY IN NORTH DAKOTA…, and ask yourself what is happening (that YOU are allowing).