The Cult of Ultimate Evil – Order Followers!

New Age “Bullshit”  Re-visited!

What on Earth is Happening


4 thoughts on “MARK PASSIO

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  2. Mrs. Chris L. Cramblit

    Trying to be so much more careful with my words! Thank you for all you do. If you can direct me to the NAME of the Most High ‘God’ if there is a Name? I am a bit obsessed. I have discovered the Name Yahushua to be the Name of ‘Jesus’. Your dedication changes lives. To be sure. Sincerely, Chris


    1. How would you “name” something that is EVERYTHING?
      The Most High “GOD” as you call it/him…, is simply the beginning and end of EVERYTHING. It is all inclusive.

      Since He/It is the very FIRST CAUSE…, or the FIRST CREATOR…, I like to call it/him PRIME CREATOR! You are at liberty to call the SOURCE of all LOVE whatever pleases you!

      My experience is that Prime Creator is the “Supreme Intellect”…, the “Supreme Intelligence” behind all things.

      Any NAME you could put on “THAT” would be simply a label…, and not of much use in the “experience” of same….


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