By: Bradley Loves


There is really no end to the rabbit hole!  It just goes and goes and goes.  My goal in writing this Blog is simply to help!

My goal is to finally bring to “light” what has been hidden from everyone living on Earth for so long…, no one remembers when it was different.

To that end…, we are going to re-visit “MAGIC”…, and those who practice the DARK SIDE of it.

“Word Magic” is very real!  It pervades our entire reality…, and those who discount it are as “blind” as those who they seek to convince it has no merit.

As I’ve written before, language was never intended for our species!  We are by design a “telepathic race”!

Let that sink in for a moment!  We were not designed by Prime Creator to speak “words”…, because they can be both twisted and mis-interpreted.

The very sound of the word… “WORD”…, is this:

Whirr’d…, as in to spin like a top!

This is not in the least bit accidental!  The letters we arrange to “label things” in a magical fashion called: SPELLING…, is a darkly intended situation!

The “English Language” is the most highly bastardized language on the face of the Earth to date (ever)…, and there is a real reason for that.

Each single word (whirr’d) can have several different meanings…, and this is by design.

The Entire “corrupt” LEGAL SYSTEM is built around the “meaning” of words.


Legalese…, is the dark magical science of using specific words that have many meanings…, but which are “unclear”…, and can therefore be used to CON, FOOL, and DEFRAUD living human beings when engaging in “commerce” and the very foolish act of signing a “contract”.

The ONLY reason that the “court system” exists…, the ONLY reason that it was created…, is to “interpret” the meaning of words (whirr’ds) in relationship to COMMERCE AND CONTRACTS.

It is a wholly SATANIC SYSTEM that I have said more than once exists only to support the DARK SIDE!

If you get nothing else…, you MUST…, start to get this!  You will find no “justice” within the Court System…, because that system was both built and designed by very dark beings a long time ago!

Our current day version is simply the continuation of that dark system and serves the current day “controllers”.


Real human beings (not the current dumbed down version) communicate by telepathy!  Communication in this way is done by pure “Thought Transmission” from one mind to another.

The ideas are sent in such a way as to have not only the intended thought…, but also images, or moving images as part of a “story line”.

In addition to this…, FEELINGS and EMOTIONS are sent as part of the total package of the “thought transmission”.

There is NO WAY for anyone to “mis-understand” this type of communication!

It is literally IMPOSSIBLE!

It is also quite impossible to LIE to anyone using this type of communication…, because the recipient will always know that the transmission contains false information.

Once one understand this…, it becomes clear why our human genetics were messed with…, and why so much of it was disconnected!  You see…, with TELEPATHIC COMMUNICATION…, there can be no lying and deception!

This is huge…, this is big…, this is a very important part of what is going on here on the Earth.

Now for those looking to “defend” channelers and channeled messages by saying these are TELEPATHIC and therefore the “Channel” would know if the entity is lying to him or her.

Sorry…, no…, that is no longer the case!

Our current “version” of human body is so “disconnected” that even those who can “recieve” a form of communication called “channeling” do not have the properly connected DNA to really FEEL if what is being sent to them is the TRUTH or a LIE!

Only the ancient human beings who were our ancestors had THAT ability.

This is why we were disconnected and dumbed down in the first place.




I can’t make this plain enough, or say it clearly enough!  We have been conned…, and conned…, and then conned again!

The Court System, the Judges, the Lawyers, the Doctors, the Teachers, the Police, the Government…, RELIGIONS…, and anyone you might think of as an AUTHORITY FIGURE…, if they are “playing” in this play pen which has been set up with both words and language…, then they are PART of the DECEPTION.

Get this…, and then…, set yourself FREE!



Any good Lawyer (if they are honest) will admit this!

Now that we have established a “foundation” for what can come next…, let’s look closer at words and dark magic.


What is a “bond”?

Well…, here again is a whirr’d which has countless meanings…, but since every child that enters the world gets a BOND attached to their life, in the form of a BIRTH CERTIFICATE…, then we should try to figure out what a BOND is!

In is simplest and most direct meaning…, THE BOND…, is a BINDING!

This is why the whirr’ds “bond” and “bound” are so similar.

Now.., it could be as simple as the “bond” of friendship.  Which in practical terms would describe the “binding” of two souls in a common relationship that is worthy and honorable.

This does not diminish the “fact”…, (yes fact) that a BOND is a “binding”.

When you get into the financial world…, and the world of PAPER FICTIONS…, a “bond” is type of instrument that has in a very real sense deliniates or describes something that has been BOUND!

If we are talking about “currency”…, (ahh…, and here again…, what does “currency” really mean?)

Are we talking about:

  • Money?
  • Electricity?
  • Energy?
  • A combination of all of the above?

What is “currency” really?     What does that “whirr’d” mean???

If we talking about “currency” (the paper kind) then THEY SAY that a BOND is an official piece of paper that describes VALUE of something REAL.

Make no mistake…, THE BOND…, is the OFFICIAL GATEWAY between real world and the fictional world!

It is like the doorway from heaven into hell!  It is the stopping point where things that are real…, get labeled as fiction…, and fictions somehow get labeled as real!

But don’t you see…, the “name”…, or rather…, the “whirr’d” suits it perfectly!

It is THE BOND…, or THE BINDING of something real, to something that is fiction.

And just where do you suppose that all of this is happening??

Take a wild guess?


And as Jordon Maxwell has said many times…, the only reason that it is even called a “BANK”…, is because it is the banks of a river that control the “current” or the “currency” or the flow of energy!

Therefore…, BANK…, is nothing more than a “whirr’d” or a CON!

And, if you get what I mean…, I am saying that it is a grouping of letters placed together which have multiple meanings…, such that at any time…, the meaning of those letters can be SPUN (like a top) to mean something else!

Bank can be the “bank” of a river…, or it can be a place where money (so they say) is kept.

OR …, it can be both at the same time!

Now…, just in case you missed it…, or did not see the stellar work of Jordan Maxwell…, who is it that “decides” what the “proper” meanings of all these words are:


You know what this means…, don’t you?

That the “courts” and the “lawyers” and the “judges” are doing nothing more than working for the BANKING SYSTEM!

That is the long and the short of it!   They “interpret” words!

They decide which words…, mean what…, and here is the great surprise for you “newbies”…



Now…, think clearly…, take off the rose colored glasses for a moment and for God’s sake STOP APOLOGIZING for people who really do KNOW what they are doing!


What we are looking at here is a completely SATANIC SYSTEM…, that was started in Ancient Times…, and needs to be done away with immediately BECAUSE it is a:


Our current day “court systems” all over the world are based on “dark magic”…, “word magic”…, and it’s only job is to feed and support the World Wide Banking System!

There are countless blog sites and websites on the interent…, and all they do is show us how the FICTIONAL PAPER SYSTEM is bilking and stealing real weath and real hard earned VALUE from every living being on Earth.

And I would use the word PERSON…, but I can’t…, because I’ve read the LEGAL DEFINTION of the word “person”…, and it does not mean what you think it does!

A “person”…, can be:

  • An individual
  • A Corporation
  • An Insurance Company
  • and other things….

So when a court asks if you are a “person”…, you had damn well better ask what it means by that!

If you say “yes”…, then it can be ASSUMED BY THE COURT that you are claiming to be a CORPORATION!   Which is exactly what the ALL CAPS NAME on your Driver’s Lisence represents:

A paper corporation.

That paper corporation that is “bound” to you…, in real terms…, by a BOND!

Are we “learning” anything yet???

Bound…, Bind…, Bond….Bondage…


More will be coming…, consider this a Part One…

All my love…


By: Bradley Loves

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This article, posted by Jean Hanies…, (several years ago) goes hand in glove with what Eric Raines is talking about and is a middle of the road “dot connector” to giving people who CARE about the real TRUTH a way to put all of it together!

Please see this link.., and thank you JEAN.

All of it is really starting to make SENSE!!


Note: Tons of pictures and images have been “removed” or blocked (after the fact)…, which is RESULT of the Cabal “cleaning up” and “sanitizing” any PROOF out of an article such as this!

The original SOURCE also has had all images removed!!

Probably by entities like GOOGLE – which very much WANT the NEW WORLD ORDER.


Another Article from Eric Raines: (In his about this blog section)

This article located here:


Says something that I posted almost 3 years ago when I wrote the Epic Article called: THE GREAT CON OF MAN

In no uncertain terms…, Eric tells us exactly what I said a few years ago…, and that is that “the entities” who are trying to take over the Earth…, and have “imprisioned” the human souls here in a “fake reality” have 100 percent SEPARATED THEMSELVES FROM PRIME CREATOR.

This means that they can NO LONGER LIVE OR SURVIVE without “sucking” the very life essence out of human beings…, and using them as BATTERIES.

It does not get MORE CLEAR than this!

He goes on to say that “some” of the so-called “high souls” or “ascended masters” are actually HOLOGRAPHIC IMAGES or REPRESENTATIVES of the PRISON SYSTEM…, and are only giving information to the masses which will fool them into wanting to STAY INSIDE THE PRISON!!

(See Part One, Two, and Three from previous post…)

This is so “SPOT ON”…, I just can’t tell you how much I both “agree with” and pray that every man, woman and child would wake up to!

BUT MOST OF ALL…, I pray that the hapless NEW AGERS who will listen to ANYTHING but the TRUTH, will read this!

Read this:

Why is the world the way it is when the vast majority of us just want to live our lives and be left alone?

This system isnt natural, and now we know why.

Humanity has been imprisoned on this planet for the past 26,000 year zodiac cycle. The entities that have imprisoned us have separated themselves completely from Prime Creator, and are not sustained on divine light like everything else in the positively oriented polarity.

This means that they need sustenance in order to survive, and since they are of darkness, and anything of the higher vibrational energies such as love, compassion, empathy and joy unravels their very essence, they need dark, low, evil vibrational energies to survive.

Now, a natural, unaltered human is something along the lines of what we would call a mythical god. Highly advanced psychic powers, photographic memory, cellular regenerational healing abilities, and the ability to live many millennia. Scott Lemriel dives deeply into this subject and his work and research can be found at paralleltime.com.

What this boils down to, is that we as humans are anchored into the lowest density that light can exist in, yet can connect directly to the highest dimensional consciousness and energies…We can communicate with God consciousness.

These entities recognized this and through multiple millennia ended up enslaving the Earths population so that we can feed them the negative energy (or Loosh as David Wilcock calls it).
The biggest key in here is that we are still here in 3D, and can still access Source energy, weak as it might be coming through the veil. The dark/low emotions we feel that this matrix/rat race system keeps us pumping out regularly are literally higher dimensional energy of the negative vibration that these things eat.

This is the secret behind why the world is the way it is. We all just want to live our lives and not be scared of the next war, or the next disease, or the next asteroid, or the next warlord…but the world cant seem to get rid of them. Why?

One of the most insidious things about what these entities have done is they turned off our DNA. We can no longer access the etheric and crystaline layers of Gaia without much effort, meditation and dedication (Well, used to have to. With the energies coming into the planet right now, what used to take 40 years of meditating in a cave can take about a year now if you are dedicated enough.) In these etheric, energetic, magnetic and scalar densities of the planet, these entities have free reign to tinker with the aspects of our consciousness that are on that realm. More info can be found from COBRA at his blog.

The scalar density is where they prefer to operate, and they have artificial intelligence machines that operate in these scalar waves. The scalar, if the 3D you are looking around at right now is the number 3, is about 3.1….very close to us, yet still outside our perception. These etheric implants can then sink into our physical bodies, and cause all kinds of problems.

The major ones that everyone knows about, but has no clue it isnt natural is the implants that hang out in the GB meridian in the temples and the outside corner of the eye, and a miniature singularity in the solar plexus chakra area.

Up until now, you probably have had your implants trying to keep your from reading this, and by even reading this, I am speaking directly to your implants. Feel what is happening inside of you right now. If you have made it this far, what I am about to tell you will confirm it.

The AI in the temples is what I call the tape recorder. They observe your brain waves and patterns and then synch their programming to match it and start speaking in your head. In your voice. That voice you can never get to shut up? That voice that has taken you aback with a, “Why the hell would I ever think that?!” moment? That voice that is always telling you how worthless, or stupid, or fat, or ugly, or pathetic you are?


The singularity in the solar plexus short circuits the energetic flow from the center of your body out….the solar plexus is the seat of the self….the confidence, the can do attitude, and this implant will cause it to short circuit your emotional energy in a hot pang or flash in the pit of your stomach that comes out of nowhere.

These things insidiously prod and push and nudge us into situations and circumstances that cause massive trauma that they then dont allow you to heal from so they can go right back to that emotional damage and sink you right back up to your neck in that negative vibration….so they can eat it.

This is why humanity is the way it is. This is why all the old texts talk about a life of purity….its not because we have to for spiritual health, its so that we can starve out the implants.

I can remove these energetic AI constructs from peoples bodies. I have already met 2 people that have learned how to do it as well.

My mission is to liberate this planet from the influence of these parasites, and teach as many people as possible how to do this as well.

I believe with enough time and dedication that anyone can learn how to do this. Im not special, Im not better.

I am simply unleashing my natural humanity.



This article is  VERY LONG…, but I highly recommend it!  It points to something that I personally have been desperate to write about…, but did not know where to start!  It is so comprehensive that it might take a day or two to get through!

If I had written this piece…, then I would have said many of the same things!  This is NOT your run of the mill “channeled” excuse for spirituality…, but a REAL and down to Earth explaination for what is happening in our reality!

Please read:


Here is “Part Two”…..:


Here is “Part Three(a)”




By: Bradley Loves


Well, here we are again, celebrating the pagan holiday of “Ishtar”!

No matter what the “Catholic Church” tells you that you are celebrating today…, you ARE in fact celebrating ISHTAR (ISTAR).

Change the “spelling” very slightly (as in magic spell) and you come up with the word “Easter” which is simply a different way of writing “Istar”

ISHTAR…(English pronunciation)

“ISTAR” – (Akkadian𒀭𒈹 DINGIR INANNA; Sumerian𒀭) is the Mesopotamian East Semitic (Akkadian, Assyrian and Babylonian) goddess of fertility, love, war, sex, and power.[1]

She is the counterpart to the earlier attested Sumerian Inanna, and the cognate for the later attested Northwest Semitic Aramean goddess Astarte, and the Armenian goddess Astghik.

Ishtar was an important deity in Mesopotamian religion which was extant from c.3500 BCE, until its gradual decline between the 1st and 5th centuries CE with the spread of Christianity.[2]


Today is the 16th of April…, and (for those of you who don’t know, don’t care…, and can’t pay attention) the actual “day” called: Easter Sunday can be anytime from mid February at the earliest to mid April like it is this year!

It is NEVER celebrated on the same day each year meaning that it can not POSSIBLY in any way signify or celebrate the Ressurection of Jesus Christ!

If that were true (USE YOUR HEADS)…, then it would be celebrated on the SAME DAY each year.

It is the “Catholic Church” which chooses the actual Sunday each year when EASTER will be celebrated!

They do this by using “Astronomical Readings of Planetary Allignments”.

In other words…, they “watch” the skies and the “heavens” and the “planets” in order to give them the proper date (read best time MAGNETICALLY/MAGICALLY) to have this world wide celebration.

Why do “planetary alignments” matter if not used for MAGICICAL/MAGNETICAL reasons??

And no matter what religion or faith you practice in the “Christian World”…,

I don’t care if your Protestant, Methodist, Luthern, Jehovahs Witness, Mormon, or any other…, you ALL celebrate Easter Sunday on the exact day that the Catholic Church tells you to!!!!



Between February 15th and April 15th there are approximately 60 possible days.  Why do each and every christian church celebrate Easter Sunday ONLY on the day that the Catholics say to celebrate it on?


And for the LIFE of me…, how do you “justify” their need to change the date every single solitary year, and vary it as much as 60 days from one side to the other?

Use your head!  (You’ve been CONNED)

There is NO SEPARATION between Christian churches at the very top because if there WAS…, then each of these other “churches” (who are not Catholic) would simply pick their OWN DAY to celebrate ISHTAR.

ISHTAR is an “Ancient Goddess” of “LOVE”… “WAR”…, “SEX”…., and “POWER”.

This is everything that the Catholic Church stands for!  It is unabashedly enmeshed in all of the above with the emphasis these days on WAR-SEX-and POWER!

Ishtar would be proud!

Ishtar was the daughter of Anu.[3]

She was particularly worshipped in the Upper Mesopotamian kingdom of Assyria (modern northern Iraq, north east Syria and south east Turkey), particularly at the cities of Nineveh, Ashur and Arbela (modern Erbil), and also in the south Mesopotamian city of Uruk.[3]

Besides the lions on her gate, her symbol is an eight-pointed star.[4]

See this link for MORE…, and as the source for one of the quotes below:


What is closer to the TRUTH, is that ISHTAR is a pagan holiday which is far more celebrated by Satanists/Illuminati/Luciferians than you can possibly realize, and has tremendous significance to both witches and warlocks…, which is why planetary allignments are so very important!

Check out this link:


Here it says that not only is ISHTAR the goddess of sex…, but is ALSO the goddess of prostitutes and prostitution!

See this:

There is, arguably, a persistent commonality between these two natures of Inana/Ištar: her sexuality.

The young Inana of Sumerian poetry, who says “Plough my vulva, man of my heart” Leick 1994: 91) is no less desirous than the Inana/Ištar portrayed in Gilgameš: “Let us enjoy your strength, so put your hand and touch our vulva!” (Dalley 2000: 79).

Accordingly, Inana/Ištar was the recipient of prayers regarding (im)potency or unrequited love (Biggs 1967: 115; Leick 1994: 193ff). Inana/Ištar was also the patron goddess of prostitutes. (Abusch 2000: 23).

It is for this reason…, that most of the secret places you can go on the web…, and ALSO HIDDEN PLACES ON DARK WEB…, you’ll find that ISHTAR is associated with both “child sex” and “child prostitution”!

Dozens of websites can be found (do your own research) where images of naked children can be found, and there will also be undeniable references to ISHTAR on that website as well!!

Men and women who work on the SATANIC/WITCHCRAFT SIDE of things recognize the Ancient Importance that ISHTAR has to both sex and prostitution!

Which is EXACTLY why the “symbol” for “Playboy Magazine” has always been a “bunny”!!

The “bunny” is a nod and a bow to ISHTAR!

Tammuz was noted to be especially fond of rabbits, and they became sacred in the ancient religion, because Tammuz was believed to be the son of the sun-god, Baal. Tammuz, like his supposed father, became a hunter.

The day came when Tammuz was killed by a wild pig.

Queen Ishtar told the people that Tammuz was now ascended to his father, Baal, and that the two of them would be with the worshippers in the sacred candle or lamp flame as Father, Son and Spirit.

Ishtar, who was now worshipped as the “Mother of God and Queen of Heaven”, continued to build her mystery religion.

The queen told the worshippers that when Tammuz was killed by the wild pig, some of his blood fell on the stump of an evergreen tree, and the stump grew into a full new tree overnight. This made the evergreen tree sacred by the blood of Tammuz.

She also proclaimed a forty day period of time of sorrow each year prior to the anniversary of the death of Tammuz.  (LENT)

During this time, no meat was to be eaten.

Worshippers were to meditate upon the sacred mysteries of Baal and Tammuz, and to make the sign of the “T” in front of their hearts as they worshipped.

They also ate sacred cakes with the marking of a “T” or cross on the top.

Every year, on the first Sunday after the first full moon after the spring equinox, a celebration was made.

It was Ishtar´s Sunday and was celebrated with both rabbits and eggs.

Ishtar also proclaimed that because Tammuz was killed by a pig, that a pig must be eaten on that Sunday.

By now, the readers of this tract should have made the connection that paganism has infiltrated the contemporary “Christian” churches, and further study indicates that this paganism came in by way of the Roman Catholic System.

The truth is that Easter has nothing whatsoever to do with the resurrection of Jesus Christ.



Simply read history…, and you’ll know you are being CONNED!


By: Bradley Loves

A Russian “robot” named F.E.D.O.R.  (Which runs on A.I., or Artificial Intelligence) has been field tested, and has been proven to be “deadly accurate” when shooting pistols with both hands.

This humanoid looking robot can rapid fire with either hand and hit the target with great accuracy.

Taken from this link on Russia Today:


And so there you have it people!!

Robots are now able to carry guns and shoot with extreme accuracy!  What could possibly go wrong with this?

Remember no matter how much a “machine” can be “programmed” NOT to hurt people…, it can also be HACKED and REPROGAMMED TO hunt down and kill ALL PEOPLE!

Any intelligent program can be rewritten.

I want give a personal “thanks” to all the New Agers out there who have given the Illuminati/Dark Cabal the precious “time” they needed to bring their Robot Armies into completion.

How did the New Agers do this?

By constantly telling EVERYONE who can read that there was no such thing as bad…, and that ALL of the “bad people” were, or are, being” rounded up as we speak, so there is no need to taken any action on your own.

There is only one difference between me and others who write on the Internet.

That difference is that I REFUSE TO BE CONNED!

I will NOT LIE TO MYSELF…, nor will I accept OTHERS LIES into my life simply because they say things with a smile on their face and wear a nice suit.


  • Why does a “robot” need to carry a gun in the first place?
  • Who would the “robot” use the weapon on (if NOT a human being?)
  • Guns were made to KILL humans (not other robots).
  • There is no OTHER POTENTIAL TARGET in existence that using a GUN on makes sense…, unless that TARGET is a human being.
  • Even if the “video” CLAIMS that the robot is programmed not to kill humans…, USE YOUR HEAD!
  • If that is the case…, then WHY teach it to shoot, and use a gun in the first place?????
  • “Robots” don’t need to hunt for food…, and “animals or game” in the wild are the ONLY OTHER TARGETS IN THE WORLD that a “gun” can be used for that makes any sense.
  • So…, IF NOT HUNTING GAME OR ANIMALS…., THEN…, (use your head) the only OTHER targets out there that a hand gun is designed to kill…, is a human being.
  • So the Robot who carries a gun, and knows how to shoot it…, but says he won’t shoot human beings is like car that can “self drive”…, but won’t open it’s doors to carry human beings inside of it because it is not “designed” for that.

A robot that can carry a gun and is programmed to shoot that gun…, IS A KILLER OF HUMAN BEINGS!

The “gun” was and is only designed for ONE THING…, and that is to KILL living and breathing things!



Bradley Loves


I first heard of David Adair (and his wholly incredible story) of building the first and ONLY EVER electro-magnetic Fusion Rocket at the age of 17…, years ago.

He was being “interviewed” by Art Bell in the mid 1990’s.

Here he is retelling his story…, something that most UFO researchers should hear!

Excellent, Incredible…, and Mind Blowing!






By: Bradley Loves

The men and women who “run” this world…, are not just “dark”.  They are wholly and truly “without” souls!!

This is what the “spiritual people”…, New Ager’s…, Ascensionists…, (call them what you will) DO NOT UNDERSTAND!

It is the depth and the LEVEL of criminal undertakings that they just can’t fathom, won’t look at, refuse to acknowledge, actively deny, and….,  BECAUSE THEY DO…, are “complicit” in allowing this behavior to continue!

If you indeed watched the entire video I posted from the Alex Jones/Infowars channel…, you’ll get a personal “tour” of the Dark Web.

If you watched the ENTIRE 30 minutes…, at the very end…, you’ll hear the annonymous guide talking about where little boys and girls can be PURCHASED (as in “for sale”…)…, and these purchasers are almost always interested in using these kids as sex toys or sexual partners.

Not only are children FOR SALE on the Dark Web…, but the “guide” helping the Inforwars reporter says that you can buy ANYTHING…, including assassins, mercinary armies, nuclear weapons…, ALL ONLINE!


We live in a wholly CRIMINAL WORLD!

Now…, the reason that there is NO ONE at the very top of the Governmental or Religious Structures who want to put a STOP to this…, (and so therefore it continues) is that AT THE VERY TOP…, these are ALSO CRIMINAL ORGANIZATIONS.

Here is a relevant post from Judge Anna Von Ritz…, taken from the MAINE REPUBLIC WEBSITE.

The “Banking System” of the World has already been buying and selling “Paper Bonds” attached to each human being and making “money” off of their lives without them knowing about it.

See this:


Judge Anna von Reitz

Did you get baptized in an “incorporated” church?

If so, you received a Baptismal Certificate — just like you received a Birth Certificate,

And just like the Birth Certificate, your Baptismal Certificate was monetized and sold to investors.

Read that as: your new soul— which was created the moment you rose up from the water of your baptism— is being bought and sold by the “church” corporation that baptized you and interpreted your baptism as a “commercial contract”…, (which they own an interest in).

Obviously, they had a different “Father, Son, and Holy Ghost” in mind than you did. Theirs was the Marduk, Satan, and Lucifer trinity. They just didn’t bother to tell you that.

So, here we are, it’s 2017 and your soul is literally being bought and sold by the bastards responsible for this. And who are they?

First and foremost, the Roman Curia of the Holy See and the Roman Pontiff.

Secondly, all the dumb cluck church organizations that agreed to incorporate themselves as franchises of the United States in order to avoid taxes they never owed in the first place.

It’s like having thieves and demons at both elbows, ready to catch crumbs and attach adhesion contracts every moment of every day, so that they can feed off your life energy more efficiently— and then justify their evil works by misrepresenting you and your intentions.

Catholics—- your money and political strength is going to support the buying and selling of souls? Really?

Are you even aware of this profoundly dirty business going on under your noses?

Lutherans— you, too? You think that this is the reasonable cost of doing business, that you should profit from selling souls? Fleecing the flock, instead of caring for it?

Methodists? Church of Christ? Jehovah’s Witnesses? Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints? Pentacostals? Baptists? Episcopals? Anglicans?

ALL of you that incorporated your churches as franchises of the UNITED STATES and fell into the practice of issuing baptismal “certificates”?

Can you imagine a greater betrayal of trust than this?

I can’t.

Folks, if you are not flabbergasted, you ought to be. If nothing else wakes you up to the evil in our midst, this must. Get on your feet and start marching. Start talking, too. It’s not just your bodies and your homes and your businesses at risk, your immortal soul has been trespassed upon by these vermin, sold for profit and declared “dead”.

We must destroy these corporations and the nest of vipers giving rise to them without further ado and without apology, by all means political and practical. There can be no tolerance for this abomination, now or ever.

Tell your priests and ministers and pastors to pull the plug and cancel all applications and articles of incorporation related to your churches. Cease these repugnant practices or hear the giant sucking sound of millions of betrayed and defrauded Christians shaking the dust off their sandals and finding a new and honest and unincorporated church to attend.


For the life of me…, I wish…, that the “New Agers”…, the “Spiritual People”…, the “Ascensionists” would see how TOTALLY EVIL the entire structure of our world really is!

If they would only just one time take a good look at what is happening out there…, then this ridiculous “idea” that humanity is on the verge of a great ASCENSION…, because (all human beings on Earth are so close to goodness now) would seem utterly preposterous!

The ONLY way for a us as a “planetary group” to move forward like that…, would be for us “as a planetary group” TO CLEAN UP THE MESS!

But…, you can not begin to “clean up” the mess…, if you refuse to look at it, deny it, and run from it.

My advice here is to the NEW AGERS who are telling everyone else to WAKE UP!


Do this before you announce to the entire world that we are all on the verge of a massive “ascension” (because we are all so “good”).